Portable Car Window Solar Cooling Fan


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External Testing Certification: ce

Origin: CN(Origin)

Item Height: 1inch

Voltage: 12V

Item Length: 1inch

Material Type: 1

Item Type: Heating & Fans

Item Weight: 1kg

Certification: CE

Special Features: 1

Item Width: 1inch

Fuel: Gasoline

Model Name: 1

Power: <10W

Item Diameter: 1inch

Switch Type: Rotary Switch

There are more and more people with private cars, but many people do not know that the most unhealthy air environment is the indoor air of the car. why? Because there are all kinds of gases in the car such as leather volatilized gas, plastic product volatilized gas, wood product volatilized gas, paint volatilized gas, air conditioning pipe channel harmful gas and other gases, the gas produced is the most harmful. Carbon monoxide in the air occupies the first place. The National Health Center urges people not to sleep in the car, and staying in the car for too long will cause nerve and respiratory poisoning damage …

Now, to solve the above problems, there is now a green and environmentally friendly product that uses solar energy to convert energy, the fan rotates quickly, and is upright. As long as there is sunlight, it will run fast, and in 10 minutes, it can take away harmful gases in the car, ventilate and release poison.

Six major product features

1. Cooling 2. Deodorization 3. Detoxification 4. Rain and mist removal 5. Protection of electrical appliances in the car 6. Suitable for general vehicle models

2. Detoxification: Too high temperature in the car will release a 20-fold excess of toluene (toluene toxicity can cause miscarriage in pregnant women and blood cancer in children)

3. Deodorization: Remove the smell of smoke out of the car to keep the air in the car fresh.

4. Cooling: When you first enter the car, you will no longer feel sultry.

5. Health: Air convection is beneficial to health and allows you and your family to enjoy a non-toxic and harmless riding environment.

6. Protect electrical appliances: The electrical appliances and electronic items in the car will affect their performance and service life due to high temperature.

7. Energy saving: When the temperature inside the car is in a non-high temperature state, the air conditioner inside the car will have an effect every time after driving. With it, your car will be cool and fuel-efficient.


It is powered by solar energy, with a power of 2 watts. I hope that buyers should not think of it as an electric fan, mainly for the function of ventilation. Of buyers bought to say that the windows are not tightly closed, please think for yourself


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